A&R stands for artist and repertoire but has now come to mean everything that is involved in making a record, from a simple suggestion of a producer, to the entire re-working of a song - it's ALL A&R in my book. Good albums are made by brutally honest A&R.

Digital Distribution

KK is a consultant for AWAL which means once your music is at a really good standard, it's digital distribution can be arranged around the world. If you have a following, that following can then be advertised to directly to buy buy buy!

International Consultancy

Bloody essential if you are going to put a record together in another country. You may have a hit in your own territory, but that doesn't always mean that it will translate. It could be a simple as a different mix or a remix or as much a re-recording your whole record (we have had to advise that before!)

Tour Consultancy/Support

You may have the artist, but you may well need a reliable tour manager or sound system for the showcase that you are about to spend a lot of money on. Many make obvious mistakes with venues and sound. Creative Genie has a network of live agents/tour managers/soundmen to take care of that all important show.

Project Coordination

From beginning to end, if you aren't familiar with the process and are about to spend, WAIT! You may well need advice on your project that could save you spending before you have to. Projects in music are now costing a LOT of money.

Manufacturing Advice

Many international acts need reprints/CDs/posters taken care of... and quickly!